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Learning Words for Kids By AdiWebtech

Android Games : Learning Words for Kids By AdiWebtech

This is my first game review on this blog that is quite new. And finally I can say that this is very special. Why? 
Because of the reviews for this game is a special game for kids. You and we as adults also may really play this game. But it just seemed strange. Sorry joking. 

The game is called "Learning Words for Kids". This game was made by AdiWebtech. Respect for him. Who are concerned to create and develop games for kids. 

As the name implies, this game directing the kids to draw up letter by letter to form a word.

There is to construct a word about animals, colors, shapes, and others. This course is very recommended and fun for the kids. You as parents really need to try it soon. In modern times it is very difficult to separate the kids from the influence of the gadget. Therefore we do not let kids terpengerauh by the adverse effects resulting from the gadget. 
Therefore give a good education was also fun for the kids. This game is the answer. Give understanding to learning fun cute and adorable. 

This game is packed with funny and interesting way that the kids are very interested in trying to play it.

Interested to try it? Want the kids you love to play and get a fun lesson? Immediate download via the link below:

Download for lite version : 

Download for full version : 

Thank you in advance, I hope your kids happy. Always support!

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